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Seasonal changes that may happen besides wearing more sweaters in the fall.

A few surprising things that may happen as the weather changes (or changes incredibly dramatically like it did in WA state this year!).

1. You may become more dehydrated.

As the weather has shifted and you may not be as hot or sweating as much, you most likely have a decreased desire to drink water. Additionally, you may be reaching for warmer beverages that coincidentally also have caffeine (coffee or black tea for example). This combination is enough to cause mild dehydration! Start having a glass of warm water with lemon or herbal tea in the morning to kickstart your rehydration after your nights sleep and start your day with extra water. Why is water so important? It can help us feel our hunger and fullness levels more adequately.

2. Your exposure to Vitamin D sources may dramatically decrease.

The sun is no longer at its zenith (or peak) after fall comes around. As a result, the rays are less intense and much less warm. You are most likely bundling up in longer sleeves which will also decrease your sun exposure. Double check with your doctor prior to supplementing with Vitamin D, however, most people may safely take 2000 IU per day to support adequate Vitamin D levels in the fall and winter.

3. You may feel more sleepy in the mornings compared to summer.

Does this happen to you? This may be related to melatonin levels increasing slightly with the shift in an earlier sunset and a later cortisol awakening response, due to a later sunrise. Of course this can vary person by person. Keeping a consistent bedtime, getting in some form of enjoyable movement and limiting alcohol and/or caffeine at night can help support your body adjusting seamlessly.

4. You may crave more comfort foods.

Colder mornings, crispy leaves on the ground and that fall smell in the air. If you are craving warmer foods, maybe foods that might sound heavier like chili, mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese, you are not alone. Your body is potentially saying that it needs some more energy or that it is gearing up for winter. This is one of the ways your body practices intuitive eating, even if you don't practice it currently. Your body is telling you what it wants! If you want to explore this more, schedule a 15 minute introduction call with me!

5. You may feel more creative!

This one is only based on one study, but it was too fun not to include. This study showed that being warm or cold impacted our creativity! Feeling warmer makes us want to focus on our 'relational' creativity, think bonding with friends or strengthening our relationships. When we feel colder, this impacts our creativity and has us focus on more abstract types of creativity. Time to break out your fall art project anyone?

Warm fuzzy socked feet are standing on stairs. On stairs below the feet, a pumpkin is on the left and a book, coffee and cozy blanket are on the right.
Cozy fall can impact more than just the type of clothing you reach for.


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