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Intuitive Eating Support group

I'm very excited to announce that starting Sept 17th, my friend and colleague Cori Rosenthal and I will be co-hosting a virtual Intuitive Eating Support group.

The support group will run from September 17th through December 17th with virtual meetings every other week at 2 pm PST. We are focused on crafting a community that is fat positive, Health At Every Size® oriented and a brave space. Going through a world filled with diet culture, when you have liberated yourself (or are trying to liberate yourself!) can be a challenge. This group will support you with community, resources as well as fun anti-diet memes and texts via Signal. This group is also focused on YOU - this means it will be tailored to our group members and their specific needs for support. Questions? Send me an e-mail at

For less than a co-pay a session, the total cost for this support group will be $300, for all 8 weeks, paid via Venmo or Paypal.


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