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Healthcare Professionals

Motivational Interviewing - Enhance Your Practice

I'm skilled at motivational interviewing and have years of experience training other healthcare professionals in enhancing their motivational interviewing skills. I've worked with groups as well as one-on-one sessions.

In your work with clients, If you are feeling or thinking: 

  • Frustrated or stagnant

  • Wondering why people don't come back to see you

  • You provide education and nothing changes

  • Want to know how to help your clients succeed

  • Are working harder than your client 

  • Feeling like your skills are not valued or validated

  • Have limited professional oversight for growth and development at work 

  • You have the right answers but it is not translating or helping clients change

All Motivational Interviewing Sessions are conducted from a growth mindset and appreciative inquiry approach. As a result, you will leave feeling empowered, encouraged and excited to practice what we have discussed. 


See more options below or contact me to discuss. 

One-on-one Motivational Interviewing (MI) Mentorship

Single Session - 60 minute session

Option 1 - Provide two recorded client sessions, I’ll listen prior to our meeting, have recommendations ready for us to discuss and suggestions for next steps to enhance your motivational interviewing skills. 

Option 2 - Educational session. I provide a list of three recommended topics from our initial conversation and we delve into what makes these unique. You pick one of the three for us to focus on and I’ll provide specific recommendations how to grow this skill. 

Three Sessions - 60 minute sessions 

Option 3 - Provide three recorded client sessions. I listen prior to our first session and have specific recommendations for initial growth and plan. The next two sessions explore your growth in this area, continued exercises to enhance your skills and next steps to continue expanding your skills. 

Option 4 - Start with a role play (or real play) session together for the first session. I’ll email my recommendations prior to the second session with top focus areas. Second and third sessions will be focused on enhancing this area as well as your insights from practicing the top focus skills. 

Option 5 - You choose the topics! Bring clients that are challenging that you want to focus on from a MI point of view or bring your desired focus areas regarding MI and we will discuss these with recommended practice exercises after each session. 

Sessions may either be in-person or via telephone.