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Movement Options during Social Distancing

If you haven't been living under a rock or with your head in the sand (and I may understand both with the current political situation), you have most likely heard about the threat of the pandemic coronavirus/COVID-19. As an extrovert who has a strong connection to moving her body, I've had a few thoughts about the strongly encouraged social distancing. This article was a compelling read, even for an extrovert.

First, I was trying to figure out ways to make sure I still love my husband by the time I'm done being stuck in the apartment with him for 7 plus days straight. I haven't figured out this one yet. To be fair, I'm not sure I would love anyone after being cooped up in a 700 sq ft place with them for 7 plus days. Send ideas! Cabin fever hits me hard and fast (24 hours fast). I've got some amazing books to read, a 1000 piece puzzle and some baking/cooking projects planned. Plus a bottle of wine (or more. Definitely more).

Next, I was feeling the need for movement. Isn't it amazing how just the thought of movement/exercise being restricted makes us all crave it more? We have a similar relationship when food is restricted too. So I compiled a list of body positive, weight neutral workout options for when you are practicing social distancing or just wanting to move without leaving the comfort of your own home.

In home options:

A walk outside (avoiding other people by at least 300 ft and any groups of people)

Bodyweight exercises (google search this, fair warning, may not be weight neutral)


Indoor hide and go seek

Stability ball exercises/workout

Squats while folding laundry

Lunges while emptying the dishwasher

Sliders on an uncarpeted floor (socks or towels work great for this!) Greatist slider exercises

Stairs (in your house or apartment)

Foam Rolling or Tiger Tailing

Stretching in bed

Standing up between binging episodes of Netflix or Hulu

Using bottles of wine or cans as weights

Pillow Fight


Free online Body Positive movement videos:

Bodyweight Exercises by Natalie Carey

Paid online options:

Cardio, yoga, dance and more! Joyn (free 7 day trial)

Yoga with Jessamyn Stanley The Underbelly

Yoga by Curvy Yoga

Pilates/Yoga/Dance Combo The Become Project

Chair Yoga with Amber Karnes

Lastly, feel free to take this as a time and opportunity to rest! Get curious with what this looks like for you or even if you hate the idea, explore that.

For myself, I'm imagining a combination of things. I know that I can't rest 100% - I get irritable and antsy with no movement. I am going to give myself time to do things that I may not normally get to that don't involve additional movement.

What other social distancing movement options or ideas can you think of?


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