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Erica Mouch Nutrition

Dietitian and Food Therapist

Looking to improve your relationship with food and your body? I can help with that.

Looking for extra support with emotional eating, restrictive eating or figuring out how to make food a positive aspect in your life? Let's talk. 

Been on too many diets and know that there has to be something different out there? Click the Seattle Nutrition Services button! 

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My Approach

You are an incredibly unique human and the expert of your life experiences. I am an expert in nutrition therapy, the interplay of food, body, and mind. We often are not aware of how these impact us on a day-to-day basis. 

Together we can determine what satisfying, physical, mental, and emotional health looks like for you. Through thoughtful exploration, dialogue and tailored education you will learn the tools to become the expert of your own body. 

Bodies are meant to be different shapes and sizes. These differences should be celebrated and shared. Have you spent years, weeks and hours of your life trying to figure how to fit a different size? What if I told you that you could feel supported in the same body you are in right now? You can support health in your body without needing to conform to a single size or shape.


I'm a Registered Dietitian because I believe that delicious food is an essential component to a fulfilling life. Food is meant to be savored and enjoyed while satisfying one of our five senses - TASTE! Together, we will work to guide you to create a better relationship with food and rediscover your body’s individual needs. I work from an Intuitive Eating approach which supports improved health, self esteem and self care outcomes.


I'm also a behavior change expert with a degree in psychology. What does this mean for you? In short, if you want to make a change in how you feel about food or how you feel in your body, I can help. 


Through targeted questions and thoughtful exploration, I will help you learn to listen to what your body is telling you, stop dieting and start having more time to spend on the areas in life you enjoy. Health isn't linear and it isn’t something you arrive at. Reconnecting with your body, hunger, fullness and satisfaction all support your authentic, healthy self.

My Approach


"Throughout my sessions with Erica she helped me change my outlook and relationship with food and my body. Her approach was different than I originally thought it would be, but it turned out to be the best thing for me--mentally and physically. She always conducted herself with the utmost level of professionalism and compassion. She is incredibly knowledgeable and presented me with a variety of different techniques, so I could decide what worked best for me. I can't recommend her enough!" - B. E."

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Contact Me

Finding a dietitian and food therapist that you mesh with is important! If you know you want to work with me, schedule a visit below.

Unsure? Let's talk. Use the link below to schedule a 15 minute exploration call. 

600 1st Ave, 1st Floor

Seattle, WA 98104

Located in Novel Coworking

Tel: 425-610-8456


Directions to Erica's Office: 

The main entrance to Novel Coworking is on the corner of James and 1st Avenue. Enter through the main room, past the printer and take a left at the hallway. Follow the ramp to the elevators and take the elevators to the fourth floor. From the elevators, go straight toward the Seattle skyline photo and take a right. Look for suite 404. 

ADA Accessible Directions: 

On James Ave, just past the Gelato shop, there is a double entry door with a call box. Call my office to gain entry. Go down the hallway, follow the ramp to the elevators and take the elevators to the fourth floor. From the elevators, go straight toward the Seattle skyline photo and take a right. Look for suite 404. 

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